Protecting Your Online Business From Fraud

Growing side by side with the worldwide increase in internet usage and online sales is the notorious cesspool of fraud seeking to find a flaw in whatever system they can exploit anyone who uses (or accepts) credit cards. Pretty well everyone associated with any significant online business knows that without fraud prevention controls in place, businesses are set up for substantial financial losses. There are a few trends we have noticed that should be helpful to anyone involved in the operation of an online store.
Detecting a fraudulent customer
There are some distinct behavioral patterns exhibited by the majority of the perpetrators of fraudulent purchases online. In the majority of cases we encountered, the person attempting to make a fraudulent order has stolen someone’s credit card (likely from a restaurant or retail store) or has purchased a list of credit card numbers from an identity theft black market. In cases like those, the fraud likely has a credit card number and expiration date, but nothing else to verify his identity. In some cases, the fraudulent customer has been thorough enough to get the 3-digit CVV number from the back of the stolen credit card. In either of these situations, figuring out that the customer is using a stolen credit card is a fairly simple process. If he can’t verify the billing address associated with the credit card, chances are you have a fraudulent customer
Most of the time, fraudulent customers try to keep themselves isolated from the business they’re trying to scam, for obvious reasons. When they sign up for a customer account, they provide a telephone number that doesn’t work. Often we even see bogus area codes used in telephone numbers provided by fraudulent customers. Our online store requires an email address from customers. Because free public email addresses (like those from,, or are difficult to trace back to their owners, most fraudulent customers use one of those kinds of no-hassle email addresses.
In our experience, the most obvious of fraudulent customers naturally seems to be the dumbest. We often receive emails from people who ask whether we accept credit cards for payment and then ask us to send them a list of products we sell. It’s not hard to tell that those emails are fishing for scam opportunities. Other fraudulent customers will ask for multiple quantities of a specific product found on our web site, and they’ll ask whether we accept international credit cards. These emails typically mention that the sender is buying products for some worthy cause, and they’ll use a benign name (such as “Doctor Johnson” or “Pastor Murphy”) that the perpetrator will convince the owner of an online store that he’s not being duplicated. I’m pretty confident that online businesses rarely fall for those tricks, especially since most of the “Doctor Johnsons” we encounter appear to not spell very well and have poor grammar.
There are some fraudulent customers who are smarter and bolder than the typical ones I’ve discussed. We’ve encountered customers using stolen credit cards who use valid phone numbers and email addresses, and who communicate as if they are legitimate. Sometimes we don’t find out until after the order has been delivered that the customer was actually using a stolen credit card. In one particular case, a customer’s billing address didn’t match the address on file with the credit card issuer. A phone call was made to the customer, and he matter-of-factly gave a different billing address. Because of a glitch in our merchant account system, the order was shipped even though the alternate billing address wasn’t the correct one either. The end result was a free set of six hundred dollars worth of football jerseys for a thief in Dallas, Texas. Another fraudulent customer ordered some gym bags and requested that they be sent overnight to Miami, Florida. She wasn’t dissuaded when she was contacted and told that her check had to clear the bank before her order could be shipped. She persisted and mailed a bogus check from an account that didn’t exist.
Here are some principles that should help combat fraud from customers shopping at your company’s online store.

Important Data About Credit Cards

What’s a Credit Card?
It’s generally known as plastic plutocrat which is used in place of the cash. A credit card is used to buy any product from the request on credit. It has 16 numberno., CVV no. and a unique leg no. which has to be kept secret by the stoner.

It has replaced currency notes and has set up a endless place in our holdalls
still it’s an unsolved riddle for numerous and therefore performing into hundreds of complaints about redundant freights, charges since its inadequately understood indeed though banks give druggies all the demanded information in form of a published” terms and conditions” that come with their card tackle.

The druggies generally have mixed reviews about a credit card. Some druggies are veritably pleased with these while some are so bothered that they rigorously deny to have one in the future. We’re going to bandy then about the same content.

Generally, a credit card comes with benefits and some charges which aren’t actually hidden. Like different cards come with different periodic freights, late payment charges and other charges. But when a person applies for a card, he she frequently views only the benefits and not other rules and regulations. nearly, there’s also the fault of deals person as he’s not suitable to duly guide the client. Which results in his negative feedback. So, is there any result to this problem? Yes out course, a little attention can save you from gratuitous charges. What you need to do now is read these important tips to follow to play safe with the credit cards briansclub.

Any person applying for it must be apprehensive of these data

– There’s due date mentioned in the bill statement. You need to pay your bill before this due date to avoid late freights. All banks have different late figure likeRs. 750 for a month.

– In the bill statement, two quantities are mentioned videlicet Minimum due quantum and Total Due quantum. To avoid interest on your coming bill, be sure to pay aggregate due quantum rather of minimum due quantum. Paying minimum due quantum will get you low cibil score and gratuitous charges on your bill. These charges vary with the bank and can be 3- 4

– All the cards have fixed bill cycle and payment date. So, do not forget to manage your charges to pay the bill on time.

– Always check your bill statement. And if you suppose that it needs to be corrected, also do it within 60 days.

– Flash back your credit card number always. In case, it’s lost also it’s easy for you to report it presto to the bank. Also, it can be easy for shopping online because you won’t have to take it out always. still, at the time of shopping you also need CVV no. and expiry date. But it’s good to flash back your credit card no.

– Check the periodic charges and other freights of the bank while applying for a credit card. All the banks have different freights and charges which you need to check. This will help you in knowing about your credit card and the forthcoming charges. So, that you would not be surprised with these freights and charges.

– Credit cards come with certain points and prices program. These points convert into the value like in some cases 2 points = Rs. 1 while in some it’s like 4 points = Rs. 1. You need to know about these price points to redeem latterly.

– Check that’s your bank awarding you cashback with shopping. Cashback means that the quantum of cashback that your card is liable for will get the cash back in your account at the time of bill cycle. The value of cashback gets debited in your account in the bill statement. This is a good point and will help you in saving whenever your shop. For this you need to check out that what offer your credit card is offering.

– Do not use complete limit of your credit card as it can give a loss to your credit score. To maintain healthy cibil score, you need to spend no further than 50 of your credit limit.

– Do not use your card to pay the bills of other credit card or any other debt. It’ll lead to bad fiscal health. rather you can apply for the particular loan which is available fluently at veritably low rate of interest.